ISI 56th session

Lisbon, Portugal 2007

CPM 3: Statistical Concepts and Controversies

CPM 80: Statistical Education

CPM 81: Teaching Statistics for Non-statisticians

CPM 82: Statistical Teaching in the Internet Age

CPM 146: Statistics in Social and Human Sciences

IPM 37: Research on Reasoning about Distribution

IPM 38: How modern technologies have changed the curriculum in introductory courses

IPM 39: Preparing Teachers of Statistics

IPM 40: Research on the use of simulation in teaching statistics and probability

IPM 41: Optimising Internet-based Resources for Teaching Statistics

IPM 42: Observational Studies, Confounding and Multivariate Thinking

IPM 43: Teaching of Official Statistics

IPM 44: Teaching of Survey Statistics

IPM 45: Studying variability through sports phenomena

IPM 46: Use of Symbolic Computing Systems in Teaching Statistics

IPM 92: Statistical Education and Literacy in the 21st Century