ISI 53rd session

Seoul, Korea 2001

Technology in Statistical Education (IPM-10)

Women's Contributions to Leadership in Statistics Education (IPM-11)

The Role of Official Stats in Univ Curriculum (IPM-14)

Educ& the Internet & Effective Structures for the Net (IPM-15)

Forum: IASE and Statistics Education in Developing Countries (IPM-55)

Undergraduate Level Statistics Programmes (IPM-56)

The Future of Statistics Education Research (IPM-57)

Research on Teaching Statistics at School and University Levels (IPM-58)

Undergraduate Statistics Education in Non-Statistics Degree Programmes (IPM-59)

Continuing Statistics Education in the Workplace (IPM-60)

Postgraduate Training of Statisticians (IPM-61)

Psychometrics (CPM 137)

Statistics and Mass Media (CPM 146)

Linear Models (CPM 20)

Educational Statistics 1 (CPM 59.1)

Educational Statistics 2 (CPM 59.2)

Educational Statistics 3 (CPM 59.3)

Gender Statistics (CPM 67)