Joint ICMI/IASE Study: Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics

IASE Roundtable Conference : Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education, Mexico, 2008

Front Matter

Plenary Sessions

Keynote Lecture

Panel 1: Fundamental Ideas in Statistics and how they Affect the Training of Teachers

Panel 2: The Interplay of Probability and Statistics in Teaching and in Training the Teachers

Panel 3: Technology in the Teaching of Statistics: Potentials and Challenges in Preparing the Teachers

Topic 1: The Current Situation of Teaching Statistics in Schools

Session 1.1: Statistics in the Worldwide Curricula

Session 1.2: Teaching Probability, Modeling and Simulation

Session 1.3: Issues in Teaching Statistics

Topic 2: Teachers’ Attitudes, Knowledge, Conceptions and Beliefs in relation to Statistics Education

Session 2.1: Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs

Session 2.2: Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Session 2.3: Teachers’ Statistical Knowledge 1

Session 2.4: Teachers’ Statistical Knowledge 2

Topic 3: Analysing Current Practices in Teacher Education regarding the Teaching of Statistics

Session 3.1: Projects and Data in the Training of Teachers

Session 3.2: Experiences and Perspectives in the Training of Teachers

Topic 4: Empowering Teachers to Teach Statistics: A Look into the Future

Session 4.1: Improving Teachers’ Statistical Thinking

Session 4.2: Training Teachers to Teach Statistical Thinking

Session 4.3: Issues in Training the Teachers

Topic 5: Training Teachers in Developing Countries

Session 5.1: Training Teachers in Developing Countries 1

Session 5.2: Training Teachers in Developing Countries 2

Topic 6: Building Collaboration between Mathematics and Statistics Educators in Teacher Education

Session 6.1: Experiences in Collaboration 1

Session 6.2: Experiences in Collaboration 2