ICOTS 7 2006

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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Published by IASE, ISI. ISBN-10: 90-73592-24-0, ISBN-13: 978-90-73592-24-7

Editors' Preface: Allan Rossman, Beth Chance

Welcome from IASE President Gilberte Schuyten



Working cooperatively in Statistics education

Working cooperatively to promote Statistical literacy

Co-operative efforts involving Statistics, local culture and consumers

Co-operative efforts involving Statistics and Mathematics education

Co-operative efforts involving Statistics teachers & researchers

Cooperation in statistics education in Latin America

Statistics education at the school level

Successfully implementing statistical education in primary schools

Successfully implementing statistical education in secondary schools

Real data and project based statistical education

The use of technology to enhance the teaching of statistics at school level

Training teachers for statistical education

Developing a curriculum for the meaningful learning of statistics at the school level

Socio-cultural aspects of learning Statistics

Statistics education at the post-secondary level

Statistics as a service subject in courses

Teaching robust methods

Mentoring of graduate students

Teaching heterogeneous groups

Multivariate statistics

Teaching nonparametric methods

Teaching consultancy skills to statisticians

Statistics learning with cases/projects

Teaching Bayesian Statistics

Sampling for surveys

Statistics education/training and the workplace

Statistics education and the engineering world

International cooperation in statistical training in the workplace

Statistics in medicine

Statistics for future statisticians

Statistics for Environmental Science

Improving the statistical literacy of users through their professional activities

Statistics education and the wider society

Statistical literacy: concepts, gaps, indicators

Statistics education and the statistics profession

Statistics and journalism

Statistics education and the world of life and health sciences

Statistics in the social sciences - Psychology, Sociology

Statistics in sport

Statistics education in the financial and actuarial world

Psychological and social issues in the teaching of statistics

Research in Statistics education

Research on statistical reasoning and thinking

Research on probabilistic reasoning and thinking

Research on developing statistical literacy

Researching assessment in Statistics education

Research on the role of technology in learning and teaching statistics

Theoretical frameworks and Statistics education research

Research methodologies in Statistics education

Technology in Statistics education

Building and using databases for student analysis

On-line course and web-based instruction

General purpose statistical tools for students

Interactive software targeting specific statistical concepts

Technology-intensive curricula and instruction

Principles and theories for the design of learning technologies

The role of simulations in Statistics education

Other determinants & developments in Statistics education

Mass media and statistics

Statistics and the law

Projects and competitions in Statistics education

History and the teaching of Statistics

An international perspective on Statistics education

Statistics teaching in South America

Teaching Statistics in African and other developing countries

Statistics teaching in Asia


Contributed papers