Satellite: Next Steps in Statistics Education

Durban, South Africa 2009


  • What constitutes best practice for the curriculum beyond the “Introductory Statistics” course? What courses should follow on for those wishing to major in Statistics and what additional training should we offer to those in other disciplines?
  • What elements of our undergraduate curriculum specifically prepare our students for their careers post-graduation, either in the workplace or as masters/doctoral students? How can we improve these elements?
  • Since the 1949 formation of its precursor, the ISI Statistical Education Committee, the IASE has matured as an organisation. As we move towards ICOTS 8, we note that great progress has already been made in the field of Statistics Education but the challenge we face now is to consider the next steps that we must take. How can we build on past progress to raise the profile of our field so that it becomes a more visible and vibrant pursuit?

Session 1: The Big Picture - Where Next for Statistics Education?

Session 2: Beyond the Introductory Statistics Course

Session 3: Curriculum Content and Teaching Methodologies 1

Session 4: Statistics Education and the Wider Society

Session 5: Training Statistical Educators

Session 6: Special Session on Statistics Education in Africa

Session 7: Statistics Education at School Level

Session 8: Curriculum Content and Teaching Methodologies 2

Session 9: Statistics Education for the Workplace

Session 10: Special Workshop