ISI 55th session

Sydney, Australia 2005

IPM 45: Reasoning about variation

IPM 46: The use of simulation in statistics education

IPM 47: Teaching statistics online

IPM 48: Statistics for life: what are the statistical ideas or skills that matter most and why?

IPM 49: Research in statistical education

IPM 50: Quality Assurance in Statistics Education

IPM 51: Promotion of statistical literacy among students (IASE & IAOS)

IPM 52: Using history of statistics to enhance the teaching of statistics

IPM 81: Ethical Standards in statistics education

IPM 82: Bayesian statistics (Bernoulli & IASE)

IPM 83: Challenges in the teaching of survey sampling (IASS & IASE)

CPM 90: Statistical Education

CPM 90: Statistical Education

CPM 90: Statistical Education - Research Into Statistical Education

CPM 212: Statistics and Society - Internet and Statistics

IPM 75: Statistics In Australia: Growth and Influence

STCM 159: New Directions In Dissemination of Statistics

STCM 167: Real Data Enriching Curricula Across The World