ISI 54th session

Berlin, Germany 2003

Teaching probability with a modelling approach (IPM-44)

Statistical training for consultants and collaborators (IPM-45)

International co-operation in research on statistics education (IPM-46)

Mathematics teachers teaching statistics (IPM-47)

Statistics education for media reports (IPM-48)

Teaching and learning approaches aimed at developing statistical reasoning, thinking or literacy (IPM-49)

Statistics teaching in the Internet age (IPM-50)

Statistical education and significance tests controversy (IPM-58)

Education and assessment of literacy, numeracy and other life skills (IPM-68)

Impact of developments in information systems on statistics education (IPM-69)

Teaching biostatistics (IPM-70)

Educational implications of statistical method and modelling developments in psychometry (IPM-71)

The relation of statistics with other sciences (IPM-82)

Educational statistics I (CPM-67-1)

Educational statistics II (CPM-67-2)

Statistical teaching in the Internet age (CPM-68-1)

Multimedia based statistical education (CPM-69-1)

The Internet and statistics I (CPM-89-1)

The Internet and statistics II (CPM-89-2)

Poster Session IV

Official statistics (PM-058-3)

Multiple comparisons, ranking, selection and related topics (PM-029-1)