Satellite: Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official Statistics

IASE Satellite conference Macao 2013

Keynote Speeches

Session 1.1: Enthusing the Youth and Teachers

Session 1.2: Research and Statistical Education

Session 1.3: Novel Approaches to Statistics Education

Session 1.4: Broader Issues in Statistics Education

Session 2.1: Building upon Successful Projects

Session 2.2: Learning, Disseminating and Using Official Statistics

Session 2.3: Using Official Statistics to Promote Statistical Literacy

Session 2.4: Disseminating Official Statistics into the Real World of Youth

Session 2.5: New Initiatives in Official Statistics

Session 2.6: Training in Official Statistics

Session 2.7: Conference Posters

Session 3.1: Official Statistics and the School Curriculum

Session 3.2: Statistics Education Using Advancing Technology