ICOTS 6 2002

Cape Town, South Africa

IASE Executive
IPC and Keynote speakers
Statistics Literacy Forum


Statistics Literacy

Frameworks and Studies in Statistics Literacy

Statistics for the Citizen

Statistics Education at the School Level

Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Elementary School

Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Secondary School

Research on Teaching Statistics at School Level

Innovative statistics Curriculum Development and research Projects at the School Level

Sociocultural Aspects of the Learning of Statistics at the School Level

Statistics Education at the Post Secondary Level

Statistics as a Service Subject in First Level Courses

Statistics as a Service Subject in Second Level Courses: Teaching Regression Models

Statistics for Future Statisticians

Statistics and Research Designs: An Integrated Approach

Statistics Learning with Cases/Projects

Bayesian Statistics

Nonparametric Methods

Teaching Consultancy Skills to Statisticians

Statistics for Future Teachers

Statistics for Future Health Care Professionals

Sampling for Surveys

Hypothesis Testing

Teaching Categorical data Analysis

Statistics Education/Training and the Workplace

Making Statistical Consulting and Technical Co-operation More Effective

The Role of National and International Statistics Organisations in Improving Statistical Knowledge in the Workplace

Training of Official Statisticians

Distance Learning

Using Official Statistics in Teaching

Statistical Training and Education of Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Researchers and other Professionals

Preparation and Training of Workers in the 21st Century

Educating managers, Executives, Politicians, Government Officials and Other Decision Makers

Statistical Training and Education in Environmental Settings

Practical Training in the Workplace for tertiary and Postgraduate Students

Statistics Education and the Wider Society

Relationships with mathematics Education

Statistics Education - A Discipline in Itself or in Contexts

Statistics Education in and for the Economic World of Business and Government Policy Making

Statistics Education and the Statistical Profession

Statistics Education and the Engineering World

Statistics Education and the World of Information Technology

Statistics Education and the World of Life and Health Sciences

Including Social Issues in the Teaching of Statistics

Research in Statistics Education

Developing Statistics Education Research

Theoretical Models of Statistical Knowledge, Thinking, Reasoning and Learning

Technology and Research in Teaching and Learning Statistics

Studies of Assessment in Statistics Education

Teacher Training, Conceptions and Beliefs

Research into Teaching and Learning Statistics at Tertiary Levels

Research into Teaching and Learning probability

Round Table Discussion: Major problems and Directions in Statistics Education Research

Technology in Statistics Education

Java-Based instructional packages

Computer Based Demonstrations of Statistical Phnenomena

Using Technology for Statistics Education in Engineering

Using Graphics Calculators in Statistics Education

Statistics Education and the Internet

Research-Based Design And The Use Of Software For Teaching Statistical Concepts

Software Tools Designed for Statistics Education

Other Determinants and Developments in Statistics Education

Learning Factors in Statistics Education

Data Analysis and Statistical Learning

Projects and Poster Competitions in Statistics Education

The Mass Media and Statistics

Teaching Statistics to Second-Language Students

An International Perspective on Statistics Education

Statistics Education in African Countries

Contributed papers