ICOTS 1 1982

Sheffield, United Kingdom


Introductory Talk

  • Why teach statistics?
    V Barnett : p3

Plenary Talks

  • Stochastics at the school level in the age of the computer
    L Råde : p19
  • Optimum balance between statistical theory and applications in teaching
    C Radhakrishna Rao : p34
  • The relevance of statistical training
    J Gani : p50

Topic 1: Teaching Statistics In Schools (6-11 Years Age Group)

Organiser: Professor K Matusita

  • Statistics in the curriculum for everybody – how young children and how their teachers react
    Tamas Varga : p71
  • Teaching of statistics in elementary schools in Japan
    T Yanagawa : p81
  • Two examples of statistics activities for elementary school classes
    Clare Heidema : p91
  • Using games to teach some probability concepts
    George W Bright, John G Harvey and Margariete M Wheeler : p110
  • Teaching statistics in elementary schools in Japan
    H Midzuno : p116

Topic 2: Teaching Statistics In Schools (12-15 Years Age Group)

Organiser: Professor P L Hennequin

  • Why teach descriptive statistics in secondary schools?
    Heinrich Winter : p127
  • The teaching of statistics in French secondary schools
    G Dumousseau : p144
  • Teaching statistics concepts through instructional games
    George W Bright, John G Harvey and Margariete M Wheeler : p158
  • A practical approach to statistics
    R Kapadia : p169
  • On the teaching of order statistics
    K Bognár : p179

Topic 3: Teaching Statistics In Schools (16-18 Years Age Group)

Organiser: Professor J Swift

  • Amount and kind of statistics to be taught to 16+ year olds
    F Eicker : p191
  • Teaching statistics to 16-18 year olds: dreams and reality
    T Nemetz : p199
  • Statistics for the 16-18 year olds: a discussion
    A Hanley : p208

Topic 4: Teaching Statistics To Non-Statisticians

Organiser: Dr W G Gilchrist

  • We must preach what is practised
    A S C Ehrenberg : p215
  • Teaching statistics to non-statisticians – an application oriented approach
    G Sadasivan : p219
  • Utility through collaboration: a problem oriented approach
    D Taylor and G E Skipworth : p232
  • An open university service course
    John Bibby : p238
  • The training of service teachers
    R W Madsen : p250

Topic 5: Development Of Teaching Materials At School Level

Organiser: Mr P Holmes

  • Development of teaching materials at school level
    A R Hoffer : p263
  • Developing materials for the schools council project on statistical education
    P Holmes : p269
  • EDA for 16-19’s?
    J Bibby : p277

Topic 6: Training Of Teachers In Statistics

Organiser: Professor A P Shulte

  • Preparations for college teaching in statistics
    A K Gupta : p283
  • Teaching design of experiments in Indian universities
    V Bhagwandas : p287
  • Clinical approach to training statistics teachers
    J Rustagi : p298
  • Discussion of teacher-training papers
    A morley : p302

Topic 7: Use Of Calculators And Computers In Teaching

Organiser: Professor L Råde

  • The case for using computers in teaching statistics
    B L Joiner : p307
  • Computer algorithms for the classical distribution functions
    H O Posten : p313
  • Use of hand held programmable calculators in statistics courses for nontechnical students
    D R Barr : p331
  • Simulation of games studied in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
    J Badrikian : p336

Topic 8: Teaching Statistics With The Help Of Case Studies

Organiser: Professor B Epstein

  • Case studies for an adequate understanding and interpretation of results by statistical inference
    M Borovcnik : p341
  • Is a scientific legend a comprehensive case study?
    V V Shvyrkov and A C Davis : p354

Topic 9: Training Statistical Practitioners

Organiser: Professor M Benyaklef

  • Training of statistical practitioners
    P Osinski : p375
  • Preparing statisticians for government service – a view from the United States
    Marie D Eldridge and Katherine K Wallman : p389
  • Programmes d’enseignement at couts de formation
    M Benyaklef : p403
  • Les enseignements statistiques a l’ENSAE
    Ph Tassi et A Trognon : p415

Topic 10: Education And Training In Statistics In Developing Countries

Organiser: Dr M N Murthy

  • Statistical education and training in Latin America: a general appraisal
    Enrique Cansado : p431
  • Statistical education and training in the developing countries in Africa
    J N Adichie and Biyi Afonja : p439
  • Statistical education and training in developing countries of Asia and the pacific
    M N Murthy : p450
  • Comments on the above papers
    K T de Graft-Johnson : p483
  • Report on session on statistical education and training in developing countries
    B P Adhikari : p487

Topic 11: Co-Operation Between Academic And Practising Statisticians

Organiser: Professor W G Hunter

  • Co-operation between university and industry statisticians in the United States
    R D Snee : p491
  • Some observations from Europe
    Lars-Erik Oller : p503
  • Building bridges between the academic and real worlds – some observations from South America
    C A Peres and P A Morettin : p509
  • Building bridges between the academic and real worlds
    B Jones, B J T Morgan and G B Wetherill : p521
  • Closing the gap between statisticians and statistics users
    Guido E del Pino and Carlos Prado-Campos : p527
  • Co-operation between academic and practising statisticians
    A Prat Bartes : p536

Topic 12: Teaching Survey Sampling

Organiser: Dr D Singh

  • The teaching of sample design to government statisticians from developing countries
    Joseph K Garrett : p541
  • Teaching of survey sampling
    D Singh : p552
  • Teaching of survey sampling
    P K Bose : p566

Topic 13: Teaching Design And Analysis Of Experiments

Organiser: Dr D A Preece

  • The design and analysis of experiments – what is it about?
    D A Preece : p575
  • Teaching experimental design in the computer age
    R Mead : p591
  • Teaching concepts of design and analysis using real and simulated experiments
    J R Elliott and J C Robinson : p603
  • Teaching experimental design: prescribed by a medical statistician
    Sheila M Gore : p627
  • Contribution to discussion of the above papers
    B Jones : p633

Topic 14: Training Industrial Practitioners

Organiser: Dr R D Snee

  • The polymath consultant
    A A Greenfield : p641
  • Teaching applied statistics for and/or in industry
    H C Hamaker : p655
  • Practicals, case studies, projects and professional experience: some methods of developing skills among budding statisticians
    G K Kanji : p671
  • Training in statistical quality control
    A F Bissell : p685
  • Discussion of papers by Greenfield, Hamaker and Kanji
    A F Bissell : p691
  • Discussion of papers by Greenfield, Hamaker and Kanji
    D G Watts : p695

Topic 15: Principles Of Learning Probability And Statistics

Organiser: Professor E Fischbein

  • Learning from experience – Bayes’ Theorem: a model for stochastic learning situations?
    H Steinbring and G von Harten : p701
  • Children’s choice behaviour in probabilistic situations
    Ruma Falk : p714
  • An idea of structuring probability teaching based on Dienes’s six stages
    Anna Olecka : p727
  • Does the teaching of probability improve probabilistic intuitions?
    E Fischbein and A Gazit : p738
  • Stochastics teaching based on common sense
    H-J Bentz : p753
  • A survey of probability concepts in 3000 pupils aged 11-16 years
    D R Green : p766
  • Misconceptions of probability, systematic and otherwise; teaching probability and statistics so as to overcome some misconceptions
    J M Shaughnessy : p784
  • The role of explanation in teaching elementary probability
    J L Myers : p802
  • Probabilities: learning by doing or learning by imitating
    A Abele : p813

Topic 19: Teaching Of Agricultural Statistics

Organiser: Dr D Singh

  • Training of personnel for agricultural statistics in Jordan
    Z Takrouri : p831