The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) functions as the international umbrella organization for statistics education. It seeks to improve statistics education at all levels from elementary (primary) school through to the training of professionals, and to increase the uptake of statistics education world wide. IASE fosters international cooperation, and stimulates discussion and research. It disseminates ideas, strategies, research findings, materials and information using publications, international conferences, and increasingly, this website.

IASE is formally constituted as the education section of the International Statistical Institute➶ (ISI). It may be joined independently, however, by anyone who wishes to participate in IASE’s activities, wishes to be a part of an international community of statistics educators, wishes to share experiences with and learn from the experiences of other statistics educators around the world, or simply wishes to support those working to achieve IASE’s goals.

IASE has approximately 400 members, 20% of whom belong to ISI as well. The membership is very diversified internationally, largely made up of teachers, lecturers and professors of statistics, applied and government statisticians, researchers and specialists involved in mathematics and science education, educational technology, psychology, business and medicine, and many academic disciplines; industry trainers and adult educators, and professionals involved with the practice or usage of statistics in applied contexts.


IASE has among its members many young scholars, encourages diversity among its members and leadership alike in terms of gender, age, and professional background, and welcomes new members from countries all over the world. Mew members who are students, teachers, retired persons, or citizens of developing countries, pay reduced fees and are encouraged to join us. The membership section describes some of the benefits of being a member of IASE, and includes the necessary application forms.