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SERJ is a peer-reviewed electronic journal of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) and the International Statistical Institute (ISI). SERJ is published three times a year (one special edition in June, and two regular issues in February and November) and is free.

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Volume 19, Number 3, December 2020

Volume 19, Number 2, June 2020

Volume 19, Number 1, February 2020


Manfred Borovcnik (Special Issues Editor), Ayse Bilgin (Guest Editor), Peter Howley (Guest Editor)

Invited Essays on Building the Next Generation of Statisticians

Beginning Early and Spiral Development

Learning to Teach Statistics

Involving the Wider Society in Statistical Literacy

Helping Students and Early Researchers to Understand and Use Statistics

Big Data and Innovative Approaches to Deal with Data

Volume 18, Number 2, November 2019

Volume 18, Number 1, May 2019

Volume 17 Number 2, November 2018

Volume 17 Number 1, May 2018

Volume 16 Number 2, November 2017

Special Issue: Statistical Reasoning about Models and Modelling in the Context of Informal Statistical Inference

Rolf Biehler (Guest Editor), Daniel Frischemeier (Guest Editor), Susanne Podworny (Guest Editor), Randall Groth (Special Issue Editor), and Maxine Pfannkuch (Regular Papers Editor)

Regular Papers

Volume 16 Number 1, May 2017

Special Issue: Statistical Literacy

Jim Ridgway (Guest Editor), James Nicholson (Guest Editor), Manfred Borovcnik (Special Issue Editor), and Maxine Pfannkuch (Regular Papers Editor)

Regular Papers

Volume 15 Number 2, November 2016

Special Issue: Research on Learning and Teaching Probability within Statistics

Egan J. Chernoff (Guest Editor), Efi Paparistodemou (Guest Editor), Dionysia Bakogianni, (Guest Editor), Peter Petocz (Past Editor)

Volume 15 Number 1, May 2016

Volume 14 Number 2, November 2015

Volume 14 Number 1, May 2015

Volume 13 Number 2, November 2014

Special Issue: A Global View of Statistics Education Research

Delia North (Guest Editor), Enriqueta Reston (Guest Editor), Lisbeth Cordani (Guest Editor), and Peter Petocz (Editor)

Volume 13 Number 1, May 2014

Volume 12 Number 2, November 2013

Volume 12 Number 1, May 2013

Volume 11 Number 2, November 2012

Special Issue: Research on Attitudes Towards Statistics

Candace Schau (Guest Editor), Michele Millar (Guest Editor), and Peter Petocz (Editor)

Volume 11 Number 1, May 2012

Volume 10 Number 2, November 2011

Volume 10 Number 1, May 2011

Volume 9 Number 2, November 2010

Special Issue: Qualitative Approaches in Statistics Education Research

Sue Gordon (Guest Editor), Anna Reid (Guest Editor), and Peter Petocz (Editor)

Volume 9 Number 1, May 2010

Volume 8 Number 2, November 2009

Volume 8 Number 1, May 2009

Volume 7 Number 2, November 2008

Special Issue on Informal Inference

Dave Pratt and Janet Ainley (Guest Editors)

Volume 7 Number 1, May 2008

Volume 6 Number 2, November 2007

Volume 6 Number 1, May 2007

Volume 5 Number 2, November 2006

Volume 5 Number 1, May 2006

Volume 4 Number 2, November 2005

Volume 4 Number 1, May 2005

Special Section: Reasoning about Variation, Guest Editors: Joan Garfield and Dani Ben-Zvi

Volume 3 Number 2, November 2004

Volume 3 Number 1, May 2004

Volume 2 Number 2, November 2003

Volume 2 Number 1, May 2003

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following featured papers:
  • Expanding Conceptions of Statistical Literacy: An Analysis of Products from Statistics Agencies
    Iddo Gal
  • Assessing Statistical Reasoning
    Joan B. Garfield
  • Relationships between Students’ Experience of Learning Statistics and Teaching Statistics
    Peter Petocz and Anna Reid
  • Evaluación de la Comprensión de la Correlación y Regresión a partir de la Resolución de Problemas
    Antonio Estepa and Francisco Tomás Sánchez-Cobo
  • Erratum to Vol. 2 No. 1

Volume 1 Number 2, December 2002

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following featured papers:
  • An Exploration of Students’ Statistical Thinking with Given Data
    Maxine Pfannkuch and Amanda Rubick
  • Teaching Students the Stochastic Nature of Statistical Concepts in an Introductory Statistics Course
    Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris and Carl Lee
  • New Approaches to Gathering Data on Student Learning for Research in Statistics Education
    Beth L. Chance and Joan B. Garfield
  • Undergraduate Courses in Dental Statistics in Britain and Ireland
    Nigel Smeeton
  • Some Basic References for the Teaching of Undergraduate Statistics
    Peter Holmes

Volume 1 Number 1, May 2002

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following:
  • Material about John M. Truran
  • Sharing Experiences in the Training of Researchers (collection of short pieces)
  • Summaries of Presentations at STRL-2 (Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and Literacy)
  • Conceptions of Variation: A Literature Review
    Maria Meletiou

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