IASE Components of the ISI Newsletter

This page contains an archive of copies of the IASE section of the ISI Newsletter➶ (Nov. 1991 until 2010 when publication ceased) and the precursor series, the reports of the ISI Education Committee called the International Statistical Education Newsletter which appeared in the ISI Newsletter from 1981 to July 1991. The archive should be a treasure trove for historians.

Files for 1981 to 1999 are full-image pdf files. Those for 2000 to2004 are pdfs made from ISI’s electronic version of the Newsletter. These have the advantage that they will be searched by our search engine but the disadvantage that the original page numbers are not retained. Those from 2005 are pdfs of the print version of the Newsletter.

Electronic versions of the complete “ISI Newsletter” (including the IASE Component) since Nov. 2001 are here➶.

Thanks are due to Carol Blumberg, Brian Phillips and Stephen Cope for organising the archive, Mary Regier for providing copies of the 1981-1993 Newsletters, and Nicole Machacek of Winona State University (USA) for scannning them to pdf, Brian Phillips for scanning the 1993 to 1998 entries to pdf.