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The papers mentioned on this page discuss the history of IASE and its predecessor, the ISI Education Committee.

  • Berze, Daniel. ISI in the Postwar Period: Planting the Seeds of Statistical Education. Invited paper from International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS) 6, 2002. (Daniel Berze is a former Executive Director of ISI.)
  • Phillips, Brian (2002). The IASE: Background, Activities, and Future. Invited paper from ICOTS 6, 2002. (Brian Phillips is a former President of IASE.)
  • Blumberg, Carol Joyce. The Role of the International Association for Statistical Education in Statistics Education. This is a series of two articles written for Amstat News (the monthly newsletter of the American Statistical Association) summarizing the activities of IASE. The first article (February 2003) focusses on the history and publications of IASE. The second article (March 2003) focusses on conferences, the International Statistical Literacy Project, and other activities of IASE. (Carol Joyce Blumberg is a former Vice-President of IASE.)
  • Ottaviani, Maria-Gabriella (1998). Developments and Perspectives in Statistical Education. Proceedings of the Joint IASS/IAOS Conference Statistics for Economic and Social Development, Aguascalientes, Mexico, 1-4 September 1998. Produced on a CD-ROM in Mexico with ISBN 970-13-23679-6. Permission was granted by the ISI to reproduce this paper on this website. (Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani is a former President of IASE.)
  • Ottaviani, Maria-Gabriella (1999). A Note on Developments and Perspectives in Statistics Education. Invited paper at CLATSE4 (IV Congreso Latinoamericano De Sociedades de Estadistica), Mendoza, Argentina. 26-30 July 1999. (Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani is a former President of IASE.)
  • Ottaviani, Maria-Gabriella (1999). The Promotion of Statistical Education: The Role of the IASE and its Cooperation with Developing Countries. Invited paper at Conferencia Internacional: Esperiencias e Perspectivas do Ensino da Estatistica, Desafios para o século XXI, Florianopolis (Brasil), September 1999. (Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani is a former President of IASE.)
  • Ottaviani, Maria-Gabriella & Batanero, Carmen. (1999). The Role of the IASE in Developing Statistical Education. Invited paper for ICCS-VI, Lahore, Pakistan, August 27-31, 1999. Appears in Proceedings of the ICCS-VI, Lahore, Pakistan, Vol. 11, 171-186. Permission was granted by ISOSS (Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences) to reproduce this paper on this website. (Both Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani and Carmen Batanero are former Presidents of IASE.)
  • Vere-Jones, David (1995). The Coming of Age of Statistical Education. International Statistical Review, Vol. 63, Number 1 (April 1995), pp.3 - 23. This article outlines the activities of ISI (International Statistical Institute), the ISI Education Committee, and IASE during the period of 1948 to 1994. It also contains the authors’ views on the challenges facing IASE and statistics education more generally. This article was part of a special issue of the International Statistical Review (ISR) on statistics education. (David Vere-Jones was the last Chair of the ISI Education Committee and the first President of IASE.)

To access the papers given in the IASE-sponsored session on “Using the History of Statistics to Enhance the Teaching of Statistics” at the Joint Statistical Meetings in August, 2003 scroll down to 2003.

For some raw historical sources, see the Publications page. The archives of IASE Review go back to 1994. Under “ISI Newsletter” are archives of the IASE contributions and those of its precursor, the ISI Education Committee, going back to 1981. The SERJ Archives contain archives of the issues of SERJ’s precursors the Statistical Education Research Newsletter (2000-2001) and the Newsletter of the International Study Group for Research on Learning Probability and Statistics (1987-1999).

Also of historical interest are the Proceedings of the First Scientific Meeting of IASE held in 1993 in Perugia, Italy.