Commonly Used Acronyms

  • CAUSE: Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education
  • GAISE: Guidelines for the Assessment and Instruction of Statistics Education
  • IAOS: International Association for Official Statistics
  • IASE: International Association for Statistical Education
  • IASS: International Association of Survey Statisticians
  • ICME: International Congress on Mathematical Education
  • ICMI: International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
  • ICOTS: International Conference on Teaching Statistics
  • ISBIS: International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics
  • ISI: International Statistical Institute
  • ISLP: International Statistical Literacy Project
  • JSE: Journal of Statistics Education
  • JSM: Joint Statistical Meetings (of the American Statistical Association)
  • OZCOTS: Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics (Oz is a local slang expression for Australia)
  • SERJ: Statistics Education Research Journal
  • TIES: The International Environmetrics Society
  • TISE: Technology Innovations in Statistics Education
  • USCOTS: United States Conference on Teaching Statistics