Teachers’ autonomy and their reactions to teaching essential statistics and mathematics about global crises: A multinational view

Presented at: 5 December 2023; 20:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Presenter(s): Sarah Bansilal, Jill Fielding, Iddo Gal, Vince Geiger, Delia North, Mauren Porciuncula, Karla Schreiber


Education systems worldwide are challenged to re-examine views regarding the statistical and mathematical capabilities needed for informed and active citizenry, in light of multiple disruptive processes such as global warming, food security, migration, or pandemics. This webinar emerges from a jointly organized exploration by researchers from four countries (Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Israel). Our research problem concerns teachers’ reactions to the need to change instructional methods and content in response to new statistics and mathematics content in print and digital media regarding a current disruption (COVID-19), and what is their sense of autonomy in this regard. The study involved a mixed-methods multiple case-study design, with an online survey followed by focus groups.

At the webinar, selected results will be reported regarding teachers' views of new topics that should be added to the curriculum to prepare learners to understand COVID-related information, against perceived autonomy to make changes and tensions regarding teaching methods that can be used to implement new needed content. Participants will discuss some of these issues at the webinar, in view of other disruptions as well. The study has numerous implications for statistics and STEM education, and for systemic issues that need to be addressed to prepare future citizens for emerging global disruptions.


Webinar video