IASE Satellite 2023 | Fostering learning of statistics and data science | Proceedings

Presented at: 11 July 2023; 20:00 UTC

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Presenter(s): Editor: Elinor Jones

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IASE 2023 Satellite Conference



Putting Research into Practice: Applying Evidence-Based Principles to Foster Student Learning in Statistics and Data ScienceSamantha-Jo Caetano, Bruno de Sousa, Anna Fergusson, Laura Le, Alison L. Gibbs, Bethany White and Sotirios Damouras

Topic 1: Fostering Learning in the Current Data Landscape

All topic 1 papers

• Preparing Future Life Science Researchers to Engage with Statistics in Research Bethany White and Jastaranpreet Singh

• The Role of Statistics to Advance the Sustainable Development Goals Huan Lin, Ayse Bilgin, Judyth Hayne and Anna Wells

• Learning Development in Statistics Education Colette Mair and Jingxuan Fu

• Teaching Classification Module in Data Science Course for Undergraduate Non-Stem Students Using Project Based Learning Methodology Yelena Stukalin and Anna Khalemsky

• Describing The Didactic-Stochastic Knowledge of Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher: The Case of Chile Felipe Ruz, Francisca M. Ubilla and Valentina Giaconi

• Curating Datasets to Support Middle School Student Inquiry Jan Mokros, Andee Rubin, Jacob Sagrans and Traci Higgins

• Mastery Of Learning - Does It Make a Difference to Students’ Online Engagement and Performance in A First-Year Statistics Unit? Karol Binkowski

• Promoting Reflective Learning in Big Data Analytics: Key Facets and Pedagogical Strategies Rossi Hassad and Gerald Iacullo

• Infusion Of Data Science and Computation in Introductory Statistics Sayed Mostafa, Tamer Elbayoumi and Seongtae Kim

• Interactive Engagement in Reasoning About Variance David Trumpower

• Interdisciplinary and Differentiated Learning of Statistics in an Online MPH Marta Avalos-Fernandez and Gaëlle Coureau

• Enhancing Data Science Learning Through the Use of Images Karsten Lübke, Gero Szepannek and Martin Vogt

• Data Literacy Competencies of Students at Tu Dortmund University Henrike Weinert, Alina Künne and Katja Ickstadt

• Teaching Social Science Students to Think with Data Joachim Engel and Florian Weber-Stein

• Teaching Statistics to Psychology Students: Two Strategies to Overcome Some Limitations Eduardo Leon Bologna, Marcelo Vaiman, Débora Mola, Milagros Martínez, Antonella Bobbio and Gabriela Rivarola Montejano

• Studying Interdisciplinary Thinking About Complex Real World Data at Datafest Traci Higgins, Jessica Karch and James Hammerman

Topic 2: Cultivating Probabilistic Thinking for Data Analysis

All topic 2 papers

• Introducing Reflective Learning in a Large Probability Class Uma Ravat and Veronika Rozhenkova

• "Mini-Studies of Prevalence": A Way to Introduce Probability Bases and their Relationship with Data Analysis Emilse Gomez-Torres

• Recalculating for the Real World Katryne Dubeau, Sandra Hall and Egan Chernoff

Topic 3: Enhancing Statistics and Data Science in Schools

All topic 3 papers

• Who takes Stats in US High Schools? Backgrounds, Interests, & Aspirations Emma M. Klugman, Gerhard Sonnert and Philip M. Sadler

• Civic Statistics and Interdisciplinarity in the Chilean School Curricula Francisca Manríquez Ubilla, Valentina Giaconi and Felipe Ruz

• Analysis of the Conceptions of Teachers Engaged in Statistical Learning Projects Cassio Cristiano Giordano

• An Analysis of K-8 Pre-Service Teachers as Data Storytellers Heather Barker and Emily Elrod

• Training Mexican High School Teachers to Enhance Data Science Teaching Rosa Daniela Chávez Aguilar and Ana Luisa Gómez Blancarte

• Statistical Literacy and the Role of Communication Gail Burrill and Anthony Dickson

• Tensions when Teaching the Investigative Cycle in Pre-Service Teacher Education Valentina Giaconi, Francisca M. Ubilla and Helena Montenegro

• Integration Of Statistical Reasoning, Scientific Reasoning and Nature of Science Understanding Through Citizen Science Keren Aridor, Michal Dvir, Dina Tsybulsky and Dani Ben-Zvi

• Passion-Driven Statistics: A Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (Cure) Lisa Dierker, Jennifer Rose and Valerie Nazzaro

• Three Cognitive Science Principles Every Stats Teacher Should Know Ross Metusalem

Topic 4: Promoting Inclusion in Statistics and Data Science Education

All topic 4 papers

• Flexible Deadlines and Statistical Communication Samantha-Jo Caetano

• Promoting Inclusion and A Sense of Belonging in A New Intro Stats Course Shu-Min Liao

• A Framework for The Design of Gender Inclusive Activities V.N. Vimal Rao, Jax Mader and Eric Friedlander

• First Steps Towards Implementing Universal Design for Learning to Support Equitable Assessments Nikolas Zelem, Diana Skrzydlo and Chelsea Uggenti

• Fostering Data Science and Statistics Education in Africa Via Online Team-Based Learning Olushina Olawale Awe, Kim Love and Eric Vance

• Masdering Attitude Research in Statistics and Data Science Education: Instruments for Measuring Students, Instructors, And the Learning Environment Douglas Whitaker, Alana Unfried, Leyla Batakci, Marjorie E. Bond, April Kerby-Helm and Michael A. Posner

• Tangible Statistics Annamaria Lisotti and Laura Vicini

• Disciplinary Appropriation at The Beginning of a Statistics Major Florian Berens, Kelly Findley, Nicola Justice and Christopher Kinson

• What Lessons Have Educators Learnt from The Pandemic? How To Move Towards an Inclusive Education Bruno de Sousa

Topic 5: Achieving Coding Competencies in Data Science Students

All topic 5 papers

• Learning Difficulties of Introductory Data Science Students Sinem Demirci, Mine Dogucu, Andrew Zieffler and Joshua Rosenberg

• Integrating R and Python into an Applied Econometrics Course Lucía Carolina Varela

• Designing Positive First Experiences with Coding for Introductory-Level Data Science Students Anna Fergusson

• LearnR Modules for Self-Paced Learning of Linear Regression Concepts Katherine Daignault and Mohammed Kaviul Khan


Topic 1: Fostering Learning in the Current Data Landscape

All topic 1 poster abstracts

• Overcoming the challenges in developing an introductory course on the foundations of data Jessica Jaynes and Sam Behseta

• Measuring statistics anxiety and related concepts: a validation of the statistics anxiety scale Katalin Grajzel and Kelli Klebe

• Ethics in infographics, is it part of the curriculum? Salma Banu Nazeer Khan, Ayse Bilgin, Deborah Richards and Paul Formosa

• Mobile apps for teaching and learning statistics Bernhard Klingenberg

• Cases, Excel, Tableau: data analytics for business undergraduates M. Gray Hunter, John McClintock and Adam Molnar

• Pedagogical considerations for teaching data translators Boba Samuels, Brandon Dickson, Douglas Woolford and Donna Kotsopoulos

• Engaging students by working with real-life survey data concerning Covid-19 pandemic Asal Aslemand, Madeleine Mant, Thanvi Kiran and Sahar Fahimi

• Adaptive learning courseware for a first course in undergraduate statistics: pedagogical practices and empirical evidence Denny Garvis

Topic 2: Cultivating Probabilistic Thinking for Data Analysis

All topic 2 poster abstracts

• Impact of teaching applied statistics in a virtual instance of a postgraduate course Teresita Teran and Augusto Nascimbene

• Problem-first course design Jack Davis

Topic 3: Enhancing Statistics and Data Science in Schools

All topic 3 poster abstracts

• Leveraging alumni writing to improve statistics curriculum Nicholas Bussberg and Laura Taylor

• Statistical reasoning in the training of future Mexican telesecundaria teachers Alberto Santana-Ortega and Roselia Ramirez-Hernandez

• Designing instruction: from candy to computers Susan Archer

• Enhanced graduate training in health data visualization and analytics Lisa Lix, Elizabeth Borycki, Andre Kushniruk and Viktoriya Vasylkiv

• Making use of comics to teach statistics Nicolas Greliche

Topic 4: Promoting Inclusion in Statistics and Data Science Education

All topic 4 poster abstracts

• A collaborative pedagogy of mixed methods research: an inclusive approach in data science education Kaushik Jana and MaryAnn Chacko

• Passion-driven statistics Kristin R. Flaming, Lisa Dierker and Jennifer Rose

• Thinking beyond numbers: students' perceptions of communicating statistics through the arts Asal Aslemand, Vicki Zhang, Anna Ly and Mark Asuncion

• An opportunity to explore inclusion in the statistics classroom with the SMARVUS dataset Jenny Terry

• Another queer extension of Martin Gardner's two-child problem: the Facebook edition Sandra J Hall, Katryne Dubeau and Egan J Chernoff

• Preliminary results from a survey on diversity, equity, and inclusion in university level introductory statistics courses Kirsten Doehler and Heather Barker

• How to design a data science project that contributes to truth and reconciliation in a diverse classroom? Hossam E. Abdel Moniem, Kelly Murray-Stoker, Tee Duke and Helene Wagner

• Connecting and supporting statistics and data science education researchers through the cause organization Laura Le and Matthew Beckman

• Statistics anxiety and ungrading in psychology graduate students Alyssa Counsell

Topic 5: Achieving Coding Competencies in Data Science Students

All topic 5 poster abstracts

• Teaching data science principles with R Uma Ravat

• Talking in code: code review as a form of communication Regina Lisinker, Andrew Zieffler and Chelsey Legacy

• Considering students' computer literacy in statistical coding courses Markus Herklotz and Anna-Carolina Haensch