Statistical Edutainment - an ISLP webinar in conjunction with IASE

Presented at: 23 May 2023; 11:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Presenter(s): John Bailer, Paolo Noceda, Maulana Faris, José Pinto Martins, Jo Roislien

Who said statistics was boring, all work and no play? Users must be helped to overcome their reluctance to deal with this subject and become critical and responsible users of statistics. There are many situations where we prove the contrary with a selection of edutainment activities using fun cartoons, animated images, stories, TV shows and the like.

For this webinar, we invited the most prominent speakers around Statistical Education with Entertainment (Edutainment) that will give us a perspective of how Statistics can be taught, communicated with fun and pleasure!

Chair: Pedro Campos and ISLP

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John Bailer

What can you do if you want to tell the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics?

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Bio: A. John Bailer is professor emeritus of statistics at Miami University. He retired after 34 years at Miami University where he was university distinguished professor and founding chair of the Department of Statistics. He also was an affiliate member of the Departments of Biology, Media, Journalism & Film, and Sociology & Gerontology. He was President of the International Statistical Institute 2019-2021, and currently serves on the ISI Council as Past-President. He previously served on the Board of Directors of the American Statistical Association.

Paolo Noceda

Gamifying Statistics Education through Elevated Learning Experience (ELX)

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Bio: Paolo has been teaching for more than 10 years in the basic education and tertiary level. He is the proponent/co -author of several education programs like Secondary Advancement Program (SAP) for High School, Design for Remote, Individualized, Versatile Education (DRIVE-Homeschool Program), and GAME+ ( A progressive education framework). At present, he is the Principal of iACADEMY, a school in the Philippines that specializes in Business, Arts and Design, and Computing.

Maulana Faris

Building Statistical Literacy through Digital Comics

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Bio: Maulana works as a statistician and data scientist in the section of statistical model development at Statistics Indonesia(BPS).I have responsibilities in analysis, visualization, and dissemination of Big Data. Maulana also has the responsibility as a member in the secretariat of Birocrachy Reformation at the Deputy Chief Statistician for National Accounts and Statistical Analysis at BPS.

Beside his job in BPS, Maulana works as a professional comic artist and social media influencer.

He has published eight comic books, four novel books in Indonesia, and some indie comic books in US. He has more than 70000 followers on Facebook Fan Page and more than 97000 followers on Instagram Maulana is the Indonesia country coordinator for International Statistical Literacy Project(ISLP)

José Pinto Martins

A New Statistical Adventure with Exploristica 2.0

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Bio: Jose is the Dissemination Director in Statistics Portugal, where he started working in 1991, always in areas related to the dissemination and promotion of products and services for the promotion of statistical literacy, design and production of publications.

He graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering in the University of Lisbon (1985), with a Post-Graduate degree in Information Science and Management from the University of Sheffield (1988). Between 1992 and 2010 he has been a lecturer at Nova Universit and he was the executive secretary of ISI 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal

Jo Roislien

The power of moving pictures: Increasing statistical literacy through video

Bio: Jo is a professor of medical statistics and an award-winning science communicator. He has worked in mass media communication for more than a decade, and has developed and hosted numerous science TV-series for Discovery Channel, national Norwegian broadcaster NRK, and VGTV.