What every (numeracy) educator working with (young) adults should know about Civic Statistics, and why

Presented at: 14 March 2022; 19:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 75 minutes

Presenter(s): Iddo Gal (Israel)

Webinar being offered and hosted by Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) in association with IASE - the registration process is through the ALM website (link below)

This virtual seminar focuses on understanding ‘Civic Statistics’ which pertain to ‘hot’ domains such as health, crime, poverty, employment, income, (in)equality, environment and pollution, and other social and economic topics. Civic Statistics are of critical importance to society and take central role in the news, hence are often politically debated. Yet, many educators involved in adult numeracy or in statistics or mathematical literacy in schools or colleges, are not too familiar with their nuances and educational implications.

We will review and engage hands-on some unique features of Civic Statistics, e.g., multivariate and dynamic phenomena, aggregated statistics such as indicators, rich texts, or rich visualizations. Such and related features differ from, or go beyond, the standard content of mathematics and statistics taught in formal and adult education contexts, and offer opportunities to enrich, motivate, and connect the teaching of numeracy, statistics, and language and quantitative literacy. We will illustrate additional ideas and resources (developed as part of the ProCivicStat project) that can assist interested educators, including a conceptual model of the knowledge bases and enabling processes needed to understand Civic Statistics, and recommendations for teaching practices and curriculum materials. Finally, we will examine new research problems related to understanding Civic Statistics and to the need to study and develop ‘numeracy practices’ of adults and learners in this regard. The webinar will mix a lecture, a couple online activities, and an extended open discussion.


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