Using simulations to make sense of the world: the pandemic

Presented at: 8 November 2021; 08:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Presenter(s): Gail Burrill with Pip Arnold, Monica Casillas and Alex White

Investigating phenomena in the world can be an enriching experience but one that often does not happen or does so from a deterministic mathematical perspective. This is particularly true since the pandemic introduced mathematics and statistics into the public domain. Simulations can be powerful tools to build conceptual understanding of terms such as efficacy and false positives and can provide students with the tools to make responsible decisions in their own lives and as responsible citizens. Watch the session video to find out what you can do in your classrooms to make this happen for your students.


Video of workshop➶ including breakout session for Nspire in English

Video of breakout session for Nspire➶ in Spanish

Video of breakout session for CODAP➶ in English

Session presentations

Session presentation➶ in English

Session presentation➶ in Spanish

Jamboard➶ for sharing ideas


Four files are in the TNS files folder➶ and can be downloaded:

  • TNS file Herd Immunity Intro
  • TNS file Inmunidad de Grupo
  • TNS file Follow the Herd
  • TNS file Sigue el Rebanyo

Activities on TI site:

TI-Nspire Simulations

TI-84 Simulations


CODAP - Common Online Data Analysis Platform

CODAP session notes➶ in English and Spanish

CODAP information sheet➶ on making new variables

COVID Netlogo simulation